At Arete, we understand that cost and health insurance coverage may pose as roadblocks in your path to full addiction and substance abuse recovery. Because of this, it’s important to know what your insurance can cover.

To best help you explore your treatment options, contact us at (855) 781-9939 to speak to a specialist. All information you provide is confidential, and our specialists are more than happy to review your insurance benefits and set up a financial plan that works best for you.

Addiction can be very dangerous, sometimes even fatal. So, proper treatment is almost always necessary. Unfortunately, the inability to pay may be an obstacle to your recovery. At Arete, we believe that cost should never be the reason that you don’t get help, especially when it comes to addiction treatment.

We work together with you to help you understand your addiction treatment insurance coverage options and to review your insurance benefits. We want to make recovery for you as stress-free as possible. Supporting you and providing the financial information you need is crucial in doing so.

Your health insurance and how it pertains to different recovery treatment programs and options is important to us, so we tasked ourselves with providing as much information as possible. If you’d like additional information or to ask something more specific, feel free to reach out to our specialists.

Understanding Your Substance Abuse Insurance Coverage

With the thousands of drug and alcohol abuse treatment facilities in the United States, the coverage that different addiction treatment insurance providers offer changes over time. Keeping up-to-date on what facilities and treatment options are available to you can save a lot of time and money in the long run.

Sometimes, whether or not your insurance will accept a certain facility is as simple as knowing if a facility is “in-network” (whether or not the treatment center has a contract with your insurance company). Other times, what your insurance covers depends on factors like whether the treatment center is private, public, in-state, out-of-state, etc.

Your doctor, insurance company, or the treatment center you are applying to can easily tell you whether or not your insurance can be accepted. At Arete, we want to help you as best as we can, especially in the financial aspects of starting recovery.

If you cannot find your insurance provider on our list of accepted providers, we still encourage recovery and will try our best to help in any way we can. Call an Arete specialist to discuss full and partial private-pay options and help you devise a practical financial plan.

A common misconception is that insurance providers, while covering common addiction (alcohol, Xanax, etc.) treatments, they will not cover more specific, rare addiction (Librium, marijuana, etc.) treatments. In other words, they will cover you for alcohol dependency but not heroin.

This is mostly untrue, as most insurance providers cover specific addictions. As long as your insurance plan covers “addiction treatment”, then your substance addiction/dependency will be covered regardless of the specific substance.

What Does My Addiction Treatment Insurance Cover?

While it is true that most plans that cover addiction treatment will cover simply all treatments to make things easier for both you and the insurance company, it is important to note that not all insurance policies are the same, and there is a chance that your certain addiction may not be covered.

Because of this, knowing your coverage and what kind of substance abuse can be treated with it is the key to being financially effective. Depending on the details of your health plan, you may be covered for the following:

  • Medical detoxification, which may or may not include medications
  • Outpatient and residential care with an in-network provider
  • Mental health disorders or issues
  • Aftercare

Insurance companies are much more likely to pay entirely for outpatient recovery programs over inpatient or residential recovery programs, which makes it easy for someone to be dissuaded from the treatment they need. Your health comes above anything, and if your insurance does not cover inpatient or residential treatment, but you need it to treat your addiction, do not hesitate to call one of our specialists to help you.

Sometimes, an insurance company will not cover aftercare and view it as “extra” and “unnecessary”. Developing an aftercare plan is one of the most important steps to recovery, and you should never neglect the proper care you need to live a life free of addiction.

If your insurance does not cover all of the steps that you need in fully recovering from your addiction, we are more than happy to help you search for alternatives and financial plans!

What Length of Treatment Will My Insurance Cover?

A major variable in deciding whether or not your insurance provider can cover your treatment is the length of the program you are using to treat your addiction. Depending on the plan you have, your insurance provider may cover the entire length of the treatment or maybe just a few days. This can make it difficult if your addiction treatment requires residential or a longer medical detox period.

Another variable in determining how long your insurance policy covers your treatment is whether or not the treatment center is private or public. Private centers tend to be more expensive, so even though a private residential program and a public residential program may have the same length, it is likely that the private treatment is more expensive, and you will run out of “time” covered by your insurance provider faster than the public program.

This does not mean that you should go exclusively to public treatment centers and, depending on your addiction, a private treatment center might be much more effective than a public one. We accept Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) with out-of-network benefits; however, the percentage that is covered by your insurance depends on the insurance provider.

Whatever your case may be, Arete Recovery is ready to help you with the resources you may need to start your very own addiction recovery story.

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