Taking any substance has effects on the body, but how one takes certain drugs also has an impact. Often sold as Nexus, BDMPEA, bromo-mescaline, Erox, or Herox, 2C-B is sold as a tablet. It is also available as a powder or capsule.

The method you use to take 2C-B can result in slightly different side effects. Some people swallow the drug, while others snort, vaporize, or “plug” the drug (insert it into their rectum). Some of these methods may cause more damage to your body than others.

Specific of 2C-B

The drug is considered a psychedelic because of the feelings of euphoria it can produce. Some people take this drug because they feel it helps them think better. It is also considered a designer drug because it was designed in a laboratory to produce certain effects.

A lot of people are not aware that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration categorizes 2C-B as a Schedule I substance. This is the same category as drugs like LSD, heroin, marijuana, and ecstasy. It is also tough to detect 2C-B using traditional drug tests.

Some people end up taking 2C-B by accident because they may think they are buying MDMA.

A Short History of 2C-B

Dr. Alexander Shulgin first created 2C-B in 1974. Dr. Shulgin is also known for spreading the use of MDMA.

This class of drugs was created to be used in therapy. Still, research that can prove any therapeutic benefits for 2C-B does not exist. Dangerous levels of the drug are not yet known.

What we do know is that 2C-B and other 2C drugs rose in popularity after ecstasy (MDMA) became illegal in 1985. Government officials did not yet know about the drugs, which meant they were technically legal for a while.

These drugs were finally made illegal in 1994. Studies have been limited because some formulations of 2C drugs have caused overdoses. Moreover, some modified versions of the drug have been known to be stronger than original 2C substances.

Use of 2C-B

The drug is popular in club scenes, raves, and concerts, according to the Journal of Medical Toxicology. It produces many of the same effects as ecstasy (MDMA), which include:

  • Relaxation
  • Passiveness
  • Hallucinations
  • Euphoria
  • Changes in sensations

Effects vary from person to person. The dosage affects how a user feels when taking 2C-B. Some methods of consumption require using more of the drug than others. 2C-B can affect the kidneys and gastrointestinal system.

Because it can be sold online, it is hard to know whether or not one is taking a pure form of 2C-B. It is common for the drug to be mixed with contaminants, which could cause unknown side effects for users.

Some people know 2C-B as a “legal high” because it was created in a laboratory and was not initially illegal. This does not mean 2C-B is legal or safe today. In some people, the effects of 2C-B may be stronger than those associated with MDMA.

Snorting 2C-B

Snorting the drug is known to cause pain in the mucus membranes. It is not soluble in water, and thus, it can cause a lot of pain if snorted. Some people take it via this method despite the pain because the sensations it produces are more intense when snorted.

When snorted, 2C-B can reach the brain more quickly through the mucus membranes. An article in The Irish Times chronicles a story in which six teenagers became sick after using 2C-B. One of the teens became sicker than the others because he had snorted the drug. The other five teenagers recovered sooner because they did not snort 2C-B.

In a Time magazine interview, Dr. Richard Lebowitz said that one must take the way the nose is made into consideration. Snorting causes drugs to get into the bloodstream faster. Users can feel the effects of drugs as soon as 5 minutes to 10 minutes after snorting them because they are absorbed through the cavities in the nose.

Snorting drugs can cause problems that are unique to this method of use, such as:

  • Infections in the lungs
  • Nasal blockages
  • Inflammation of the lining of the nose
  • Blockages in the respiratory airways

A powder form of 2C-B may contain chemicals that are harmful in other ways.

Inflammation associated with snorting drugs can cause recurrent nosebleeds. Repeatedly snorting drugs can cause long-term issues with the nose and respiratory system.

Smoking 2C-B

Smoking is another popular method for taking 2C-B. It is said to act quickly, but the effects of 2C-B last less time when smoked. Some people choose to smoke 2C-B in a glass pipe via a process known as vaporizing.

The effects of smoking 2C-B have not been studied thoroughly, but there are some things to consider based on the effects of inhaling smoke in general. Some people may experience the following when smoking any substance:

  • Increased coughing
  • More mucus production
  • A lessened sense of taste or smell
  • Decreased appetite

More research is available about smoking tobacco, and it is known that habitual smokers can develop bronchitis. Smoking can also cause people to get more infections in the respiratory tract than people who do not smoke at all.

Still, the research is not out on the effects of smoking 2C-B specifically. Though smoking 2C-B has not been proven to be lethal, more research needs to take place to understand what happens to the body.

Other Ways People Take 2C-B

The most common way to take 2C-B is by swallowing it as a capsule, a tablet, or in liquid form. Again, smoking or snorting 2C-B comes with additional risks.

Inserting 2C-B into the rectum is another popular way to take the drug. This is known as “plugging.” Some people may choose to crush 2C-B into a powder and line their rectum with it. Others may simply insert the pill. This comes with the potential for specific side effects.

  • Irritation of the rectum
  • Bleeding
  • Rectal pain
  • Hemorrhoids

Some users report that the high they get from plugging is more intense. Some who use this method dilute 2C-B with warm water in attempts to reduce irritation. It is important to remember that irritation in the rectum can make it easier to transmit diseases, such as HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and other STIs (sexually transmitted infections).

Any 2C-B use is considered problematic. If you struggle with abuse of the drug, reach out for professional help.

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