A New Life At Arete Recovery

At Arete Recovery, we understand the difficulties that suffering from the disease of addiction can present. From financial hardships to even physical illnesses caused by a substance use disorder, getting the help you need to overcome addiction is important. We utilize cutting-edge addiction treatment techniques and continue to employ the latest addiction therapies to provide the best quality addiction care possible.

Our services are designed to not only address you or your loved one’s addiction but also to get to the root cause for your substance use disorder. By receiving treatment for the underlying causes of addiction as well, you can rest assured that you can prevent relapse and enjoy your long-term recovery.

We are committed to providing excellent care and our facility ensures your safety and comfortability throughout the addiction treatment process. At Arete, we offer a variety of different services and levels of care, each uniquely coordinated to address the many factors that contribute to addiction and co-occurring disorders.

Medical Detox

The first step on your journey in recovery, medical detox is intended to help you navigate the withdrawal process comfortably and safely. At Arete Recovery, you’ll receive round-the-clock care from our caring medical team and have access to emotional support from our clinical staff.

Medical detox is an important step, as the withdrawal process from substances both illicit and prescription may present a number of uncomfortable and potentially dangerous symptoms. Our medical team will monitor your progress as you relax comfortably in our facility. At Arete Recovery, we believe detoxing in a comfortable, recovery-oriented environment is a key factor in your success in addiction treatment. By managing your withdrawal symptoms with various detox medication and therapy sessions, you can be sure that you’ll set a solid foundation for recovery on which you can build for years to come.

Residential Treatment

Following your successful medical detox, Arete Recovery offers residential addiction treatment. At this stage, you’ll undergo intensive therapy sessions to begin to get to the root cause of your addiction. Arete Recovery uses proven methods of addiction treatment to help you address underlying emotional issues as well as any co-occurring disorder you may have.

During your stay, you’ll be catered meals prepared by amazing chefs and have access to different recreational activities. We firmly believe that life in recovery should be fun and are committed to providing an enjoyable and comfortable treatment experience. You’ll have one-on-one therapy sessions with your designated addiction therapist and enjoy a communal experience with other patients. We endeavor to create an environment dedicated to recovery and provide a relaxing living space to enjoy with your fellow patients.

By undergoing residential treatment, you’ll be able to get to the core causes of addiction and have time away from the stress of daily life to focus more completely on yourself and your recovery.

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