North Lauderdale, Florida, is a growing city in Broward County. It has an estimated population of around 44,000 residents, with a median age of 32 and income averaged at $64,605. It is diverse in culture and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Diversity brings not only an eclectic variety of people into the city but also their problems, strife, and crime. Drugs are a scourge in North Lauderdale and often at the root of crime in the area. Located only 17 miles from Port Everglades and 34 miles from the Port of Miami, both hot narcotic transportation sites, North Lauderdale is not exempt from the county’s opioid, benzodiazepine, marijuana, and other drug-related issues.

A 2016 report on drugs in Broward County found that:

  • Marijuana was the primary drug of use by 87 percent of adolescents entering addiction treatment.
  • Marijuana rates of current use have increased since 2006.
  • A dramatic rise in heroin-related deaths can be attributed to non-pharmaceutical fentanyl-tainted heroin. The report indicated that most of the heroin deaths involved polysubstance use in combination with other drugs or alcohol.
  • Cocaine-related deaths have also been on the rise since 2013 due to polysubstance use.

Drug abuse continues to be a troubling issue in North Lauderdale and the county, and those struggling with it may need help to overcome it. Ocean Breeze Recovery is nearby, convenient, and readily available.

Drug Rehab Statistics

Drug rehab for North Lauderdale provides science-backed treatments and therapies that guide an individual on the road to recovery. A present and supportive recovery community are available to bolster an individual as they progress through addiction treatment.

north-lauderdale-drug-rehab-groupAddiction is a chronic disease of the brain that affects the reward center, but it is treatable. The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that the chronic nature of addiction “involves changing deeply rooted behaviors.” Relapse is part of the recovery journey for many people. The rates for relapse are between 40 to 60 percent and on par with the relapse rates of chronic illnesses, such as hypertension and diabetes, among others. Relapse does not mean failure; it means an individual’s therapies need to be changed.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office notes that many inmates enter the jail system with drug or alcohol addictions or mental health illnesses, or both. Also, the Broward Drug Court began in 1991 and is the third-oldest drug court in the country. Its Drug Court Treatment Program serves 800 people daily. It states that “it focuses on addressing the client’s drug addiction and underlying causes as an alternative to prison.”

Most Commonly Abused Substance(s) in North Lauderdale

The most commonly abused substances in North Lauderdale and Broward County include alcohol, marijuana, nonmedicinal opioids, fentanyl, and heroin. Polysubstance use accounts for roughly half of all drug-related deaths in the county.

Florida’s Drug Rehab History and Rankings

Florida is a popular location for drug rehab due to its success in addiction recovery. Treatment centers throughout the state address the client’s most urgent needs and treat the entire individual—mind, body, and soul.

Ocean Breeze Recovery has a strong record of success and offers a Christian recovery track for those who are interested.

Quick Treatment Facts

There are 13 components to effective addiction treatment, which are considered the basis of drug rehab. Addiction treatment centers subscribe to the American Society of Addiction Medicine’s continuum of care.

There are more than 14,500 drug rehab centers in the United States offering counseling, behavioral therapies, medication, and other services for people who have a substance use disorder.

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