Headlines nationwide have covered the emerging deficit created by drug and alcohol abuse. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) backs up those numbers and estimates the impact to be in the hundreds of billions of dollars caused by alcohol, illicit drug abuse, and tobacco consumption. These expenses are due to lost productivity at work, health care, and crimes committed.

Although the numbers only indicate the damage nationwide, Florida is a state that has been hit hard by the opioid crisis. The country saw 70,200 overdose deaths in 2017, and opioids caused 46,700 of them. Fentanyl is the culprit behind the rising numbers, causing the death rate to inflate to 21.7 persons per 100,000.

Florida residents noticed a considerable spike in alcohol and drug abuse from 2016 to 2017, and while official numbers have not been released, the figures are believed to have increased. In 2016, however, an estimated 23.7 per 100,000 were affected, while the number rose sharply in 2017 to 25.1 per 100,000. A potential contributor to this crisis is that healthcare providers prescribe these drugs at a much higher rate than the national average. On that same note, Florida is home to many retirees, which could be a reason behind the inflated number.

Coconut Creek is a major city in Broward County and is home to a large casino. The numbers reflect that individuals are struggling with addiction in or around the area. Admitting to a drug or alcohol problem isn’t easy; getting the help you need could provide you the relief you weren’t aware of. Continue reading for more information about drug rehab in Coconut Creek.

Drug Rehab Statistics

Florida is home to sunshine, blue skies, and humidity. It attracts tens of thousands of people to its white sandy beaches every year. The cost of living continues to skyrocket around the nation, but Florida is home to low taxes, which has been a magnet for major businesses seeking relief. With that, it has brought tens of thousands of new full-time residents. As the population spikes, it’s not unusual to witness such a significant spike in illicit drug or alcohol use.


Coconut Creek is growing immensely and cementing itself as a major city in Broward County. The United Way of Broward County releases annual statistics showing drug and alcohol use has increased in the region.

The annual report showed that alcohol is widely used in areas like Coconut Creek. Other numbers showed that 50 percent of drug overdose deaths in Broward County involved alcohol. Even more eye-opening is that alcohol was involved in 75 percent of drug overdoses in those over the age of 34.

Opioid abuse continues to escalate in the region and beyond. Fentanyl has emerged as one of the most deadly substances on the planet, and areas in South Florida are feeling its effects. Since Coconut Creek is close to the Port of Fort Lauderdale and Miami, it leaves it exposed to the free flow of drugs entering the country.

Florida’s Drug Rehab History and Rankings

Florida has a long and successful history of drug rehab dating back to the 1970s. Drug rehab started as a result of former users who conquered their addictions and wanted to pass on their newly founded knowledge to others. Their model caused tens of thousands to migrate to the state and created a significant increase in the number of facilities. Treatment centers near Coconut Creek continually rank among the best in the world.

Quick Treatment Facts

Drug rehab near Coconut Creek will allow the client to work through the continuum of care as needed. The client will start at an intensive level of treatment, and work their way toward newly earned freedoms once the clinicians see fit. Addiction is a complex disease, and you must overcome various components to find the success you desire.

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