How To Handle Breakups In Recovery

Some people think that those struggling to become sober can’t handle breakups in recovery.

Surviving a broken heart is one of the most difficult things to deal with in life; it doesn’t matter if you are in recovery. Losing someone you care about and dealing with the realization that the relationship has reached its end is a huge challenge. It doesn’t matter how tough, how physically strong, or how old you are; a broken heart hurts. However it happened, if you were in love, there is going to be a recovery period from the breakup. When this occurs during addiction recovery, additional support and coping skills are already at hand.

This article provides tips to make sure you do not return to the substance of abuse to help deal with emotions. When the right tools are available to use, then being blindsided by a breakup, and the ensuing flood of negative feelings, won’t be as hard to handle. Here are some steps to fight through it.

1. Release your feelings

Was your heart broken? Cry. Rant. Cuss. Don’t hold back. Let it out.  Accept the warmth from the others in group therapy. Dive into individual therapy and the alternative or holistic forms of therapy. These can be reassuringly cathartic.

Cognitive behavioral therapy gives you the means of working out how to manage the very high ups and very low downs of a breakup. The exercises in the session are useful, and if you dive in, you will find a valuable way to deal with the heavy feelings that come with breaking up with someone.  Employ the skills to avoid your triggers.

Help take your mind off the ex by joining group outings. Just don’t spend time alone.

2. Do not try to find a replacement

People aren’t like light bulbs or batteries; you shouldn’t be able to replace them easily. If you are truly heartbroken, then don’t try to hide your pain by finding a replacement.

You need to process the pain and deal with the loss of that part of your life. Filling that hole isn’t going to make the pain go away. Movies and TV shows always talk about a rebound, but rushing into new relationships can be more detrimental than good, as can finding that replacement in your recovery treatment center.

3. Keep busy

Besides spending time with friends, there are plenty of things you can do to stay busy. Maybe find yourself a new hobby or start exercising regularly. Check out some movies you’ve wanting to see or binge-watch the latest Netflix craze.

Don’t just sit in your room alone ruminating about the relationship’s end. Move on from pain but reach out to your recovery buddies when you need to.

Learn something new. Try something new. Reinvent a better, physically and psychologically healthier you.

Handle breakups in recovery with ease, not relapse

If you or a loved one are struggling with substance abuse, it’s time to find an accredited addiction treatment center. Relationship break-ups are common triggers for drug and alcohol relapses. If you begin to notice odd and/or depressive or suicidal signs from someone, get help immediately. One of our agents will gladly walk you through how to spot addiction, talk to the affected person, and getting your loved one into treatment.

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