Weston, Florida, is an affluent suburb on the far western side of Broward County. It is a master-planned community located 38 miles from Miami and a little more than 30 miles from Fort Lauderdale. Its population is a little more than 70,000. Despite its upscale façade, alcohol abuse is rising among its residents.

It’s no lie to say that over 9 billion alcohol drinks are consumed in Florida every year. Excessive alcohol use and binge drinking are growing alcohol-related problems in the state, county, and city.

Statistics related to Broward County indicate that more than a quarter of all patients admitted to addiction treatment cited alcohol as their primary drug. During 2016, more than 2,000 people aged 18 and older said alcohol was their main drug of abuse when entering alcohol addiction treatment. In addition, 1,720 arrests of people driving under the influence (DUI) were made in the same year.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines excessive drinking as “binge drinking, heavy drinking, and any alcohol use by pregnant women or anyone younger than 21.” Binge drinking is when a man has more than five alcoholic drinks in roughly two hours or when a woman consumes more than four drinks in about the same time.

Binge drinking creates significant problems for everyone. It can cause drunk driving accidents, unintentional injuries such as burns and falls. Excessive drinking can cause verbal, sexual, or physical abuse. It also can result in high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, and heart and liver disease.

When someone drinks to the point of excess while ignoring the consequences of it, or feels alcohol-related withdrawal symptoms when not drinking, it is considered alcohol use disorder (AUD), also known as alcoholism.

Alcohol rehab is the smart option for someone wanting to end their addiction to the country’s only legal substance of abuse.

Substances Commonly Abused with Alcohol

People who misuse or abuse alcohol may try mixing it with other drugs. When this occurs, it’s usually so that the person can experience enhanced effects of either the alcohol or the drug of choice. When alcohol is mixed with drugs, it is dangerous and can lead to overconsumption, or possibly become fatal. Accidental overdoses are not uncommon when two substances, such as alcohol and drugs, are consumed at the same time.

Florida’s Alcohol Rehab History and Rankings

Florida is widely known as a great place to go for addiction treatment. The almost always warm and sunny weather gives it a resort-style feel when undergoing alcohol addiction treatment. It was in Florida, where the stepped approach to addiction treatment came to be known as “The Florida Model.”

Comfortable, homelike treatment facilities provide clients with a safe place to detox and undergo effective addiction therapies. Arete Recovery is one such facility where clients are warmly welcomed and treated with respect and dignity as they go through alcohol rehab.

Quick Treatment Facts

Addiction is a chronic and treatable disease that is characterized by compulsive alcohol or drug use despite the consequences. The medical profession diagnoses it as a severe substance use disorder that requires professional addiction treatment to overcome. Effective addiction treatment involves several beneficial steps and therapies to help the person with addiction be successful in becoming alcohol-free.

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