Plantation is an affluent city in southern Florida located in Broward County. It is situated between Miami-Dade and Palm Beach County and has become a highly-populated area over the years. As you might expect, Plantation has not been spared by the impact of the opioid crisis. As addiction and opioid overdoses continue to increase, the legal substance, alcohol, is still among the most prominent drugs of abuse in the area. Learn more about alcohol rehab in Plantation and how it’s treated.

Plantation Alcohol Rehab Statistics

Alcohol, along with caffeine and nicotine, is one of the most frequently abused substances in the nation. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports that 86 percent of respondents in a recent survey admitted to drinking alcohol at some point in their lives. In 2018, an estimated 26 percent of adults admitted to binge drinking alcohol in the last month. Despite efforts to put dangers in the spotlight, numbers continually increase.

Broward County, as a whole, found alcohol in half of its drug-related deaths in 2016. During that span, a quarter of those admitted to addiction treatment described alcohol as their drug of choice.

The state, as a whole, however, notes that 3,301 people died as a result of prescription drugs. In most cases, it involved mixing prescription depressants with alcohol.

Substances Commonly Abused with Alcohol

Those who indulge with alcohol may find themselves mixing it with other drugs. When this takes place on purpose, it’s usually done to increase the recreational effects of either substance. Mixing alcohol with anything is dangerous, and as the number above describes, it can be deadly. When you mix alcohol with cocaine or methamphetamine, it will counteract the drowsy effects induced by the depressant, which can lead to overconsumption. This, however, can lead to an accidental overdose.

Mixing alcohol and opioids will cause the substances to potentiate and have a much stronger effect on the nervous system than when taken alone. It can lead to an overdose with small doses of the individual drug.

When you consume alcohol with other substances, it’s known as polydrug use, and it’s a practice common in Florida. In 2018, medical examiners found diazepam, alongside other substances, in 283 deaths they investigated.

Florida’s Alcohol Rehab History and Rankings

Florida has been widely regarded as the hub for addiction treatment. Due to its year-round warm climate and beautiful weather, it’s an ideal place to feel like you’re at a resort while attending drug or alcohol rehab. Florida is known for pioneering what is known today as the “Florida Model,” otherwise known as a stepped approach to treatment.

Quick Treatment Facts

Addiction is a disease of complexity, and it is characterized by compulsive alcohol or drug use, no matter the consequences it may cause. It is diagnosed by medical experts as a severe substance use disorder, and in most cases, requires addiction treatment to overcome. Addiction treatment allows an individual to work through issues in any facet of their lives, and it will help them to make better choices through therapy.

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