At Arete Recovery, our nationally known addiction and detox specialists are among the most experienced in the country. By creating an intimate and relaxing environment, we help lower relapse rates while welcoming and assisting you with all your needs. The programs at Arete Recovery are created with you in mind. We know how difficult the journey into recovery can be. We can help.

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    Alcohol Addiction

    According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, there are around 16.6 million Americans with alcohol use disorders.

  • Drug Addiction

    Drug addiction has many forms. Unfortunately, about 1 in 12 adults in the United States are currently battling some sort of drug addiction problem.

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    For Loved Ones

    If you know a loved one that is currently suffering from an alcohol or drug addiction problem, taking immediate action is key to their success.

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Our Friendly Care

  • Luxury and Relaxation

    At Arete Recovery, we provide an inviting and comforting atmosphere to better assist in the detoxification and treatment process.

  • Medical Assistance Provided 24/7

    Assistance is available for you at any time during the detoxification and treatment process. With our medical experts available at all hours, we are here to help whenever needed.

  • Accommodations Provided

    We provide all the accommodations and amenities for your convenience and clarity of mind. We understand how difficult treatment can be and we are here to make the process as comfortable as possible.

  • Excellence in Service

    With our foundational principles at heart, we place your comfort and necessity above all else. Our ethics and ideals are what make our service nationally recognized.

Our Facility

Arete Recovery is a full-service drug and alcohol treatment facility located in Pembroke Pines, Florida. The sunny Floridian climate and warm breezes are perfect for helping you detach from your old life of addiction and turn over a new leaf in sobriety.

With comfort and relaxation in mind, our facility is designed to create a calm and intimate atmosphere to help you feel at home as you battle your addiction. We provide a secure and spacious setting with delicious meals and plenty of fun activities to keep you occupied during your stay. By making games like ping pong, cornhole, and even basketball available, we cultivate a relaxing environment for you as you work through our medical and clinical programs.

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