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Substance Abuse Detox and Treatment

At Arete Recovery, our nationally known addiction and detox specialists are among the most experienced in the country. By creating an intimate and relaxing environment, we help lower relapse rates while welcoming and assisting you with all your needs. The programs at Arete Recovery are created with you in mind.

We offer those struggling with the disease of addiction the opportunity to take the first few steps along the road to recovery. By detoxing from the addictive substance before entering our residential program, we can equip you with the environment and the tools you need to stay sober in the long run.

Our caring team, made up of qualified professionals, Registered Nurses, Licensed Therapists, and a Medical Doctor, offers the support you need to transition from detox to residential treatment. At Arete, you can expect group therapy, recreational activities, and individual counseling. Our goal is to provide quality care while treating the root cause of addiction. We know how difficult the journey into recovery can be. We can help.

Facility Features

Medical Detox

At Arete Recovery, we provide a fully-supervised medical detox service to rid your body of the addictive substance. By detoxing first, you set the stage for a successful and lasting recovery process.

Residential Treatment

We provide all the accommodations and amenities for your convenience and clarity of mind. In our residential program, you can participate in the wide variety of modalities and therapies in safety and in comfort.

24/7 Medical Assistance

We provide assistance at any time during the detoxification and treatment process. With our detox experts constantly available, we are here to help whenever needed so that you can spend your time with us focusing on your recovery.

At Arete Recovery, we provide you with a secure and comfortable environment for you to focus on your sobriety. Our clinically-proven methods are designed to help you regain control over your life.

Making the Delphi Difference

At Arete Recovery, we are proud to be a Delphi Behavioral Health Group facility. Delphi’s unique attitude toward treating addiction makes a significant impact on the lives of those in need as well as their families. Delphi’s goal is to inspire wellness at Arete Recovery and truly make a difference in the treatment process. Our facility is designed with you in mind, allowing you to connect with our staff and address the root of addiction together.

With our low client-to-staff ratios, we make sure to create an atmosphere that allows us to focus on your unique addiction and recovery. As a Delphi facility, we pride ourselves on developing individualized treatment plans for each person that walks through our doors.

The beginning stages of addiction treatment are vital. At Arete, we stand by the Delphi Difference, our commitment to excellence in addiction treatment. We treat you based on your specific needs as the disease of addiction varies in each individual. Our approach to addiction is accessible and effective in targeting the underlying issues of addiction and using proven methods to treat them. Delphi works to inspire wellness and growth by using personal treatment plans, intimate facility settings, and a deep understanding of addiction.

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